Strips User Manual — Step by Step Instructions to Bridge, Stake and Trade

Setting up Arbitrum

In order to stake in Strips, you must first bridge your STRP and USDC to Arbitrum mainnet. Follow the guide below 👇

Step 1 — Add Arbitrum network

Step 2 — Bridge Ethereum to Arbitrum

Step 3 — Bridge USDC or STRP to Arbitrum

  • Go to 💡 and switch to the Ethereum Mainnet network → Select Token
  • Select STRP or USDC from the list of tokens and repeat Step 2

Staking on Strips

Add liquidity to STRP-USDC pool (Arbitrum)

  • Switch your network to Arbitrum
  • Go to SushiSwap’s Add Liquidity Page
  • Specify how much STRP-USDC you would like to add to the liquidity pool
  • Remember that when you provide liquidity, the aggregate value of the two assets should be in equal 50:50 proportion
  • If it is your first time providing liquidity on SushiSwap for these assets, click “Approve STRP” and you should get a pop-up notification in your Web3 wallet to accept the transaction

Stake STRP-USDC LP tokens

  • Go to the Stake page
  • Click on STRP-USDC staking pool of your choice

Withdraw Stake Position

  • Go to the Stake page
  • Click on withdraw
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw and click withdraw

Claim STRP rewards

  • Go to the Stake page
  • Click on the claim button on the top right of the page

Remove liquidity from STRP-USDC pool

  • Go to SushiSwap’s Remove Liquidity page
  • You should see your STRP-USDC LP
  • Specify how much liquidity you would like to remove
  • If it is your first time removing liquidity from this pool, click “Approve” then Sign a confirmation in your Web3 wallet.

Trading on Strips

Trading Screen

  1. Market Drop Down Menu
  2. Current Market Information
  3. Trader Position Entry Pane
  4. Market Order History Pane
  5. Current Trader Positions Pane
  6. Price Chart

Market Drop-Down Menu

Click and scroll to pick from different market options

Important Market Information

  • Fixed Rate: Strips Finance current “FIXED” market rate offer.
  • Floating Rate: Current exchange or protocol “FLOATING” market rate offer.
  • TVL: Current Total Volume Liquid in the STRIPS AMM.
  • 24HR Volume: Amount USDC trading volume of current market.

Trader Position Entry

  • Fixed Rate: Strips Finance current “FIXED” market rate offer.
  • Leverage Menu: You can set your leverage from 1x to 10x. Keep in mind that leveraging can lead to liquidation of your collateral if your margin ratio is too high.
  • Position Size: This is the max position you can take based on the leverage option chosen
  • Long: Enter long position and pay current fixed rate to receive floating rate.
  • Short: Enter short position and pay the floating rate to receive the current fixed rate.

Order History

  • The Fixed rate% shows the market rate at time of entry.
  • The Notional shows the position amount at time of entry.
  • The green up arrows show long positions entered.
  • The red down arrows show short positions entered.

Open Positions

  • Market: The market your positions are in
  • Market Rate: The current FIXED market rate.
  • Floating Rate: The current FLOATING market rate.
  • Notional: The amount of your position size.
  • Side: The position direction you have entered.
  • Avg Entry Price: The entry price of your position when entered.
  • Margin Ratio: The % amount of your margin. This is the ratio of your position size to leverage. The lower the margin ratio, the riskier your margins. If it is lower than 3.5% you are in danger of being liquidated.
  • Unrealized PNL : The current profit/loss value that you would receive when you close your position.

Price Chart

  • The left side bar has all your basic charting tools from trendlines to fibonacci retracement tools. Tradingview has a great tutorial on this.
  • The top of the chart allows you to change the time period shown, add indicators, add templates, and screenshot.
  • The chart shows a line graph of the market’s historical price/rate along with a volume indicator below.
  • The orange line represents positions entered by the market.
  • You can use your mouse scroll on the chart to zoom in/out.

Entering a Position

Closing a Position

Notice: Liquidation



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