Strips User Manual — Step by Step Instructions to Bridge, Stake and Trade

Setting up Arbitrum

In order to stake in Strips, you must first bridge your STRP and USDC to Arbitrum mainnet. Follow the guide below 👇

Step 1 — Add Arbitrum network

Step 2 — Bridge Ethereum to Arbitrum

Step 3 — Bridge USDC or STRP to Arbitrum

Staking on Strips

Add liquidity to STRP-USDC pool (Arbitrum)

Stake STRP-USDC LP tokens

Withdraw Stake Position

Claim STRP rewards

Remove liquidity from STRP-USDC pool

Trading on Strips

Trading Screen

Market Drop-Down Menu

Click and scroll to pick from different market options

Important Market Information

Trader Position Entry

Order History

Open Positions

Price Chart

Entering a Position

Closing a Position

Notice: Liquidation



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