Strips Polkastarter IDO Whitelist Winners

3 min readOct 12, 2021


  • Whitelisted winners for Polkastarter IDO have been announced.
  • Check your wallet address here.
  • Link to our IDO page here.
  • The $STRP token sale will be conducted on the Polkastarter platform on Wednesday, 13th October 2021 10am EST.

Dear Strips Community,

We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming interest and support that we have received from our community. We are thrilled to announce the whitelisted winners of our Polkastarter IDO.

After receiving over 6,000 applications for the IDO, we have finally put together the final whitelisted participants who will be able to participate in the Strips x Polkastarter IDO on October 13th. You can check your wallet address here.

Please note that being whitelisted is not a guarantee that you will successfully participate in the Polkastarter IDO and purchase $STOS. The IDO will be first come first serve from the whitelisted group — you need to show up on time and process the transaction quickly to secure a slot.

How to Participate

  • Check: Check if your address has been whitelisted by clicking here.
  • Prepare ETH: Prepare your wallet with sufficient ETH (about ~0.142 ETH for the sale, and ~0.02 ETH for gas costs)
  • Enter sale: Go to the Strips Polkastarter IDO page here
  • Watch the countdown: When the countdown hits 0, refresh the page and you will be able to enter into the sale
  • Join the sale: you will be led to another page where you can then deposit your ETH to join the sale!
  • Success: If you are successful, you will see a page similar to this
  • Enjoy your new tokens: After a minute or two of the confirmation, the Allocations page updates to show your successful participation in the sale.

For any questions regarding the sale guide, please refer to


❗ Strips admins will NEVER message you directly on telegram under any circumstances

❗ Everything related to the STRP tokens, smart contracts and their addresses are NOT available publicly at the moment. Please beware of anyone telling you otherwise.

❗ $STRP will ONLY be available after October 14th

What is Strips?

Strips is the first-ever interest rate derivatives exchange launching on Arbitrum and BSC. Built on the idea that interest rates are the metarule in finance. Strips allows users to trade, and leverage on interest rates. Future products include interest rate derivatives, structured products and fixed income products.

Our vision is to accelerate the transition of finance towards a decentralised future as the DEX to trade interest rates. We have put together a first-class team of financial engineers, portfolio managers, and solidity developers to bring this dream to reality. We invite you to join us in our DeFi revolution. Our backers include Multicoin Capital, Sequoia India, Fabric Ventures, Mechanism Capital, and others.

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