STRIPS Media Roundup — 1/N

The month of October has been hectic for STRIPS so far, with our news and announcements making headlines over the globe. We would like to recap recent media coverage for STRIPS in various publications, featured by CoinDesk, Decrypt, The Block, and etc.

Derivatives: make interest rates tradable

With $8.5M in Funding, Can Strips Finance Make DeFi Derivatives Click?

Andrew Thurman, CoinDesk

This article discussed the main use cases of interest rate swaps, which enables any trader to hedge and speculate on interest rates as an independent asset. The article also briefly touched on the differentiating factor of STRIPS using derivatives in comparison to other competing protocols which uses a token-based fixed yield model. CoinDesk is also quoted by Yahoo Finance.

Multicoin Capital Leads $8.5M Investment in Interest Rate Swap Exchange for DeFi

Liam J. Kelly, Decrypt

This article emphasized STRIPS’ efforts to build out a decentralized exchange for fixed interest rates — a widely used tool in traditional finance. The article went through an intuitive introduction about what interest rate swap is, and how powerful this tool can be to manage lending and borrowing rate risk in DeFi.

DeFi project Strips Finance raises $8.5 million to launch interest rates trading platform

Yogita Khatri, THE BLOCK

In this report, the article discussed the capital efficiency and flexibility of derivatives when trading interest rates, and the leading innovation of STRIPS by using STRP-USDC LP tokens as staking collateral instead of USDC, which potentially provide more fundamental support to the success of the token economics.

Strips Finance Announces $8.5M Token Round Led By Multicoin Capital to New Launch Fixed Income Products Built On Interest Rate Swaps

Hitesh Malviya, itsblockchain

This article discussed the scale of interest rate swap in traditional finance. STRIPS is creating a marketplace to trade, hedge and speculate interest rates as an independent asset. We give users the ability to trade and compose different trading strategies to trade interest rates while offering transparency, efficiency and robustness to the interest rates market. We’re doing this by leveraging blockchain technology to bring instant settlement, price transparency and automated clearing. What we hope to do is to use the technology that is available to us today to bring financial infrastructure into the 21st century.

Will Fixed Income Move to DeFi?

Justin Kuepper,

There are many projects and companies seeking to disrupt conventional fixed income and derivatives markets with DeFi products. While some of these projects have well-established protocols, there are many startups in the space, too. STRIPS was named one of them.

STRIPS is also glad and honored to see its footprints and awareness around the world in various languages including French, Russian and Chinese.

Strips Finance (STRP), le premier DEX pour l’échange de produits dérivés sur les taux d’intérêts

Benjamin Allouch, Cryptoast

Des produits dérivés sur les taux d’intérêts : comment Strips Finance pourrait bien faire sauter la banque !




将利率互换带入 DeFi,读懂固定收益平台 Strips Finance 机制与应用场景

LI KE, Chainnews




To build the largest fixed income trading platform for DeFi

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Strips Finance

Strips Finance

To build the largest fixed income trading platform for DeFi

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