RabbitX Launches Testnet for Decentralised Perpetuals

RabbitX Announces Testnet Launch of its High-Performance DeFi Perpetuals Exchange

We are pleased to announce the launch of our public testnet. RabbitX is a Starknet hybrid decentralised perpetuals and derivatives exchange that allows users to trade perpetuals in multiple different markets with instant confirmation and zero gas fees. The exchange offers up to 20x leverage, portfolio-margining, 24/7 liquidity, and the best trading experience. RabbitX aims to be the foundational infrastructure layer for future financial derivatives.

The goal of our testnet is for users to interact with the platform and provide feedback on its usability and functionality. Your issues, requests, and suggestions are important to us, and will help shape the future of the most cutting-edge DEX on Starknet.

Get started by visiting https://testnet.rabbitx.io.

What is RabbitX?

We understand traders. RabbitX is a full-fledged exchange that promises to deliver the best trading experience. Including:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • A wide range of crypto perpetuals
  • Leverage up to 20x
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unparalleled security

RabbitX product roadmap includes

  • Perpetual derivatives on Starknet
  • High performance APIs
  • Hybrid AMM with enhanced 24/7 liquidity
  • Commodities and FX markets
  • Bonds and interest rate markets
  • Options

Getting Started

1. Connect your wallet

Don’t have metamask installed? Install here.

Click on the metamask icon

Click on “Sign and verify”

Sign from your metamask

2. Make a trade

Place a trade from the chart

  1. Right click anywhere on the chart, and click “Trade”
  2. Enter the quantity that you would like to trade

Place a trade from the order panel

  1. Enter the price and quantity
  2. Confirm the order from the confirmation popup

3. Check out other markets

  1. Search for markets in the top search bar, or in the market dropdown menu

4. Provide feedback

Stop settling. Back the Bunny.

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