Your All-In-One Guide to Bridging, Swapping, and Staking on Strips

Strips Finance (now RabbitX)
4 min readApr 14, 2022


Strips offers bridging from Ethereum to Arbitrum directly from our trading application. You can bridge (Ether, USDC, and STRP), swap, and stake all from one convenient interface.

Here’s how to bridge:

Go to and click the rocket icon in the left column.

Make sure you’re on the Ethereum network, or you will see a prompt from the button below.

If you click on the buttom “Switch to ETH network”, then you will see the metamask pop up as below and click “Switch network” to complete.

Or you can do it manually: to change your network (RPC) to Ethereum, open Metamask and click the network selector and click Ethereum Mainnet.

You’ll then see all assets you have available to bridge at the top of the screen. You then input what you’d like to bridge (ETH, STRP, or USDC), hit confirm, and then sign the transaction.

Some important items to be aware of when bridging USDC and STRP:

  • When bridging USDC and STRP, you will notice your balances on Ethereum Mainnet deducted immediately once the first part of the transaction is completed (you may see a “success” popup when this happens)
  • You will however still see the transaction as pending in your transaction history
  • It may take up to 10 minutes for this multi-stage transaction to complete. While waiting, you will see the the success update as the bridge deposits from l1 → l2.
  • Once completed, if you switch to Arbitrum RPC you will see the tokens in your wallet.

When bridging ETH:

  • The aforementioned guidance on USDC and STRP applies
  • At the bottom of the Bridge tab is a history of bridges you’ve made with Strips. If you toggle between tabs, you may notice history of ETH bridges aren’t populating.
  • This slightly longer bridge time or possible lack of history on our UI for ETH bridges has no impact on the success of the bridge transaction or its completion.
  • There may be up to 10 min until your ETH (showing as AETH) showing up in your wallet on the Arbitrum side.

Here’s how to swap:

Connect to the Arbitrum network. Please see how to add Arbitrum here.

In the upper-right corner you’ll see the balances you have available for trading. You can then select the tokens you want to swap. Click swap and sign your transaction.

Here’s how to add liquidity:

You will need to supply an equal amount (in USD terms) of both STRP and USDC. You can buy STRP tokens on Sushiswap on Arbitrum using the Swap Tab

After acquiring STRP and USDC, you will see your wallet balances available for staking in the upper-right corner. When you input a value for USDC or STRP, the system will populate the required amount of the other token automatically. For example, if you input 20 USDC, the system will automatically populate $20 worth of $STRP, and vice versa.

After inputting the values of USDC and STRP you want to stake, simply click Add Liquidity and sign the transaction.

Once you have STRP-USDC LP balances on Arbitrum, you can see a “Stake now” buttom populating below “Add Liquidity” which will direct you to the AMM/Insurance pools.