How To: Staking on Strips Markets

Step 1 — Bridge USDC + STRP to Arbitrum

Bridge both USDC + STRP tokens from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum at For more info, read this guide.

Step 2 — Stake on Sushiswap Arbitrum

Before you can stake on Strips to earn $STRP rewards, you must first have STRP-USDC Sushi LP tokens.

To obtain STRP-USDC Sushi LP tokens, you must first provide liquidity to the STRP-USDC Sushi liquidity pool on Arbitrum. Please note only STRP-USDC LP staked on Arbitrum will work!

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to do all that:

Add liquidity to STRP-USDC pool

To add liquidity to the Sushi STRP-USDC liquidity pool, please follow the steps below:

❗If you are not seeing the tokens show up, make sure to switch to Arbitrum network in your metamask. Learn how to in this guide.

  • Specify how much STRP + USDC you would like to add
  • Remember that when you provide liquidity, the aggregate value of the two assets should be in equal 50:50 proportion
  • If it is your first time providing liquidity on SushiSwap for these assets, click “Approve STRP” and you should get a pop-up notification in your Web3 wallet to accept the transaction

A pop-up will appear showing you the LP tokens you will receive. Click “Confirm Supply”

Click confirm on your Web3 wallet

Your Sushi LP tokens and pool share will show up on the bottom of the SushiSwap liquidity page.

Step 3 — Stake in Strips Markets

Stake Sushi LP tokens to earn STRP rewards on the liquidity page You can earn USDC trading fees and STRP token rewards when you stake on Strips.

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Select the pool you would like to add liquidity → click Deposit
  3. Enter the amount of Sushi LP tokens you would like to stake
  4. Approve the spending
  5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Step 5 — Congratulations!

You’re done!



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