Biweekly update #11

Market Recap

  • STRP price: $1.82 (-19.2% 📉)
  • STRP circulating supply: 3,709,296
  • STRP circulating market cap: $5,457,157
  • Number of holders: 1392
  • Twitter followers: 23k

Progress Update

Data-driven advertising campaign

Trade History

New Market (FED-SOFR)

If you have exciting markets that you would like us to list next, please drop us a comment at and we will take your suggestions very seriously.


  • Fixed some loading issues and bugs
  • Improved google analytics to better understand user needs
  • Added trade history section
  • Changed markets naming convention
  • Added FED-SOFR market

Development In Progress

Media Roundup

Twitter Spaces




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Strips Finance

Strips Finance

To build the largest fixed income trading platform for DeFi