Bi-weekly recap #5

Market Recap

  • STRP price: $3.87 (-23.2% 📉)
  • STRP circulating supply: 2,560,652
  • STRP circulating market cap: $9,816,288
  • Number of holders: 1,248
  • Twitter followers: 20.6k (+700 🔼)

Progress Update

V2 Exchange Pro
V1 Exchange Pro
V2 Liquidity Page
V1 Liquidity Page

We have been making a lot of progress in our v2 front-end development, and our contracts and front-end are currently live on Arbitrum testnet. There were no bugs found in our smart contracts. We will announce our public beta in the coming weeks!

We are continually adding new test cases to our TDD process. The benefits of using this approach will compound over time as it will make it exponentially easier and quicker to verify and test new code in the future.

Checklist for November-December:

  • [x] Complete core smart contracts
  • [x] Complete internal tests
  • [x] Complete v7 logic tests
  • [x] Complete v8 logic tests
  • [x] Complete economic simulation whitepaper
  • [x ] Complete economic simulation in code
  • [x] Frontend completion
  • [x ] Frontend internal User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • [] Frontend closed beta UAT
  • [ ] Complete 2 audits (1/2 done)
  • [ ] Audit oracles
  • [] Public hackathon
  • [ ] Frontend public beta



We have updated our website and twitter to celebrate the festive season! Check it out at

STRIPS is currently hiring for several roles. Interested applicants can email their resume and cover letters to

To learn more please visit the project’s website at or follow the project on

Twitter | Telegram | Discord


Any past performance, projection, forecast or simulation of results does not necessarily indicate any investment’s future or likely performance. The information and publications are not intended to be and do not constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice or any other advice or recommendation of any sort offered or endorsed by Strips Finance.




To build the largest fixed income trading platform for DeFi

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Strips Finance

Strips Finance

To build the largest fixed income trading platform for DeFi

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