Announcing the End of Strips V1

2 min readJul 18, 2022

We announced back on May 8th, 2022 that we will be winding down Strips V1 as we work towards our V2 product.

We’re pleased to share that progress for V2 is on schedule, and to direct our full attention and resources to our V2 launch, we will be closing down Strips V1.

Here’s what this entails:

  • All open IRS positions will be closed, and traders’ full collateral will be returned to their original wallet, so no trader will experience any loss.
  • Stakers staked liquidity will be returned. Please remember there may by profit/loss associated with this as well (impermanent loss).
  • Even if you staked within the last 7 days, there will be no early-withdrawal penalty.
  • Your unclaimed rewards from staking and trading will be sent to your wallet.

There is no action required by traders or stakers. Once all assets are returned, we will restrict trading and staking activities and shut down the Strips V1 frontend interface. Please stay tuned for updates about our V2 progress.

We are incredibly excited for what’s to come next and are taking full advantage of this bear market and continuing to build. We aim to be one of the premier DEXs on Ethereum, built on the most sophisticated ZK rollup technology DeFi offers. Our vision is to accelerate DeFi markets by building the most trusted, robust, decentralised trading platform for all traders. Our team is driven by relentless innovation in risk management, financial products, and markets. Our mission is to empower traders to unlock their own financial freedom.

Look for some major announcements coming Q4 2022.


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