Announcing Strips Public Testnet

Features and upgrades:

  • Users can now stake STRP-USDC LP tokens as collateral into the AMM
  • Earn trading and staking STRP rewards
  • Earn rewards in real-time
  • Add or remove collateral in real time
  • Added a multiplier effect on trading rewards if you are also staking (up to 200% multiplier)
  • Historical APY charts
  • Improved liquidation engine
  • Dynamic calculation of trade avg. entry price
  • Gas optimisations for lower fees

Getting Started

Set up Arbitrum Testnet

If you’re using Metamask, add a custom RPC network to connect to the Arbitrum testnet by click “Adding Network”.

Bridge ETH to Arbitrum testnet

  1. Receive some free ETH: go to and follow the instructions to receive Rinkeby testnet ETH
  2. Bridge Rinkeby testnet ETH to Layer 2 Arbitrum: go to
  3. Switch to Rinkeby Ethereum network
  4. Enter the amount of ETH you wish to bridge to Arbitrum testnet

Connecting to Strips

  1. connect your metamask wallet on
  2. switch to the Arbitrum testnet network from the metamask prompt

Receive testnet USDC and LP tokens from mint page

  1. You can click “Claim” buttom to receive USDC on testnet for trading, and LP tokens for staking
  2. “Add tokens to metamask” to view your balances in metamask
  3. You can now see your LP, USDC and STRP balances
  4. You can also manually add the tokens to your metamask wallet

How to trade

  1. select market
  2. select default leverage (up to 10x leverage)
  3. enter position size
  4. choose long or short
  5. confirm trade in the popup: if your slippage is too high, you may need to increase your max. slippage
  6. confirm the transaction in your metamask (if it is your first trade, you may need to confirm twice)

Charts Description:

  • Blue line: The blue line shows the protocol floating interest rate
  • Orange line: The orange line shows the market fixed interest rate

Open Positions

Your open positions are shown at the bottom once you have successfully placed a trade. 💡 Please refresh the page if you do not see your position

How to stake

  1. select a market by clicking on “Deposit”
  2. input the amount of Sushi LP (LP) tokens you would like to stake
  3. confirm the transaction in your metamask (if it’s your first time deposit, you may need to confirm twice)

What’s Next?

  • We will be holding a trading competition event in the coming weeks
  • The trading competition will distribute $100,000 in rewards
  • Every participant have chance to share the rewards — want to lead in the competition— experience and practice on the public testnet before the event starts!



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