Announcing Strips Public Testnet

Strips Finance is extremely excited to announce the launch of our public testnet on BSC! If you would like to learn more about Strips Finance, check out our introductory article link. You can also visit our documentation at To reward our community members for providing constructive feedback, we plan to create a feedback incentive program.

Getting started

  1. Connect to Binance Smart Chain Test (see guide here)
  2. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet
  3. Receive some BUSD by clicking on the “Receive BUSD” tab
  4. To start trading, visit the “Trade” tab and select a market. Then input your desired position size and leverage level. Confirm twice on your Metamask prompt.
  5. To add liquidity to the AMM, go to the “Liquidity” tab and click “Add Liquidity”. Select the market you would like to add liquidity, and click confirm.
  6. Once successful, your liquidity page should show your liquidity position
  7. To stake in the insurance, go to the “Insurance” tab and click on the “+” icon to add. To remove, simply click on the “-” icon to remove.

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