💸 Announcing RabbitX Airdrop #2!

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Dear RabbitX Community,

We are excited to announce that RabbitX Airdrop #2: Money Never $leeps is now underway! We’re raising the size and the stakes for this one. Trade on the best DEX in DeFi AND get rewards? No brainer. Read on 👇

In recognition of our community’s role in the success of RabbitX, we will be rewarding RBX tokens to traders in a second round of airdrops on RabbitX. The last snapshot date is Friday, 30 June 2023.

✨ How to Participate:

  1. Visit the RabbitX exchange https://app.rabbitx.io
  2. Connect any EVM wallet (eg. Metamask)
  3. Deposit USDT from Ethereum by clicking the “Deposit” button
  4. Start trading!

Trade Now

📈 Trade. Earn. Win.

We’re very grateful for our community, and here’s why we’re doing it:

  1. 🐦 Reward Early Adopters: As a ‘token’ of gratitude for your continued trust in RabbitX, we’re offering incentives to early adopters and loyal users who have been with us for an extended period.
  2. 💧 Increasing Liquidity: By incentivizing active users, we aim to boost liquidity and help turn RabbitX into the premier DEX in DeFi.
  3. 🌐 Community Building: We believe in fostering a strong, supportive community around RabbitX. Trading discourse, memes, philosophical discussions, market trends, all of this goes on in our Discord. We hope this “thank you” continues to show, we appreciate you all.
  4. ⚖️ Fair & Transparent Distribution: Aligning the interests of RabbitX and our users is essential. We are committed to ensuring the airdrop is equitable and transparent.
  5. 📈 Growth & Success: When RabbitX succeeds, we want you to succeed too. We hope this builds the foundation for continued growth and mutual wealth creation as we all continue to Back the Bunny and win together.

🚀 Airdrop Boosts

Here’s what we’re looking for when rewarding RabbitX traders:

  1. Trading Volume: Increase your trading volume during the airdrop period. The more you trade, the more you earn!
  2. Net Deposits: Net deposits will boost your airdrop. The bigger your deposits and the longer you keep it on RabbitX, the greater your earnings!
  3. Average Open Interest: Average open interest refers to the average size and duration of your open positions. In addition to trading, it means we’re also considering the combined value of your position size multiplied by the duration of your open interest. We know organic trading can take on many forms, and we want to make sure they’re all recognized and rewarded. Put simply, the more you trade and the longer you hold your positions, the greater your airdrop rewards!
  4. RBX Token Holdings: Hold a certain amount of RBX tokens in your wallet during the airdrop, and unlock exclusive bonuses and privileges. The more RBX tokens you hold, the bigger your boost!
  5. Liquidation Special Bonus: In a unique twist, liquidated accounts will receive a special bonus as part of the airdrop. At RabbitX, we believe that there are opportunities to win even in moments of loss. So if your account gets liquidated, you’ll be eligible for a special bonus as a part of the airdrop. Win, lose, or liquidated… some more RBX always makes things better. 🥂

$RBX: Unlock a World of Benefits!🌟

By holding the RabbitX utility token, you’ll enjoy some unique perks:

  • 💎Special VIP Role and Access to Exclusive Features: You’ll be granted a special VIP role in RabbitX discord. Get access to exclusive features and services to enhance your trading experience. Including a complementary Nansen subscription and ChatGPT Plus subscription!
  • 🫂Priority Customer Support: RBX holder satisfaction is our top priority. You’ll receive priority customer support for any trading inquiries, including your concerns and suggestions being given extra attention. There is a dedicated channel just for our RBX holders.
  • 🪂Earn More Airdrops: Holding RBX not only increases eligibility for the current airdrop, but also positions you to receive more in the future. As we continues to grow and introduce new features, products, and partnerships, RBX holders can expect additional rewards for their support.
  • 💰Participating in Future Staking and Earn Programs: We have exciting plans for RBX stake-and-earn programs. By holding RBX tokens, you will have the opportunity to participate in these programs and earn additional rewards. Staking your RBX tokens can provide real yield, offering you yet another way to grow your holdings and succeed alongside us.


To ensure a fair distribution of RBX tokens and to protect the integrity of the airdrop, we have designed a robust eligibility criteria that considers a variety of factors. Accounts that are suspected of wash trading or sybilling will be disqualified.

Here’s how we’re determining eligible airdrop recipients. To be eligible, traders must meet 3 out of our 6 criteria:

  1. Average Net Deposits: We will be looking at your average net deposits over the period.
  2. Trading Volume: If your trading looks like wash trading you will be disqualified.
  3. Average Open Interest: Traders average open interest time and size will be used as eligibility criteria. Wash trading will exhibit low average open interest. We will also look at the average open interest as a percentage of trading volume.
  4. Average PNL: We will look at your average Profit or Loss (PnL) as a percentage of your deposits. Having almost no Profit or Loss is a hallmark of wash-trading behavior.
  5. RBX Token Holding: Traders holding more than 10,000 RBX receive an additional point in the eligibility criteria.

Haven’t deposited and traded on RabbitX yet? No worries, you still have time! The last snapshot date will be on Friday, 30 June 2023. Earn more by trading more! Don’t miss out!

What’s Next?

We plan on building the most liquid, permissionless global derivatives exchange in the world! We are building staking, vaults, and more! Check out our exciting roadmap.

🌐 Join RabbitX Today and Unlock a New Era of Trading! 💪

Stay tuned for more details! Join us on discord and be part of our exciting journey!

💬 About RabbitX

RabbitX is a global permissionless perpetuals exchange powered by Starknet. RabbitX is building the most secure and liquid global derivatives network, giving you 24/7 access to global markets anywhere in the world.

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