Announcement: Strips Winds Down AAVE USDC Lending Market

Periodically, the Strips team and community may decide to wind down a market that is not trading a lot of volume, and hence not fully utilizing the liquidity staked in the AMM. The AAVE USDC lending market rate did not see a lot of trading volume due to the lack of fluctuations in the interest rate on AAVE. Hence, the team has decided to slowly wind down the AAVE USDC lending market to redeploy the capital in markets with more trading volume and interest. If you are currently staking in the AAVE USDC market, please unstake immediately and restake in other markets such as Binance, FTX or SOFR. We will wind down all positions and return the traders’ collateral in 72 hours. If you have not unstaked before 12:00 UTC, 21 April 2022, we will withdraw the remaining funds from the market and send the balance to your wallet address.

Happy trading!



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